Xbox 360 Controller Driver Free Download For Windows

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Free Download For Windows
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Xbox 360 controller driver for windows is the driver that allows the use of the Xbox controller with all XP based operating system of PC. This driver helps the PC to automatically detect the Xbox controller with just a few simple steps. It is simple, secure, and entirely free to download and use. It is fully functional with both wired and wireless gaming controllers. 

Xbox one controller driver is very surprising as it controls and supports the hardware and software components of Xbox on your PC. This driver fully supports any type of Xbox 360 accessories such as; gamepad, headphones, etc.   

Main features of Xbox 360 Controller Driver

It is entirely free to download and then use. 

  • A single penny will not be charged from the user of Xbox controller
  • Have a simple user interface thus very easy for use 
  • Xbox driver is free of any malicious content therefore absolutely safe and secure to use 
  • Once the driver is installed, and the controller is a plugin, your system automatically detect Xbox controller
  • Consistent gaming platform both on Windows XP and Microsoft gaming system
  • It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit operating system 
  • Xbox diver fully support gamepad, headphones, wired and wireless gaming Xbox controller 

Description Of Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller Driver With Windows 

Microsoft Xbox Controller Driver

Windows 10 though have many drawbacks, but in terms of compatibility with the Xbox controller, it is compatible and installs it automatically. Windows 7 and 8 don’t go for an automatic download; instead, it should be done manually. But it still needs no worries because you can find the suitable Xbox 360 controller Driver on official web sites of Microsoft. In the case of Windows 8, the compatibility mood should be enabled. Otherwise, it won’t work correctly.

Many users found it hard to look for such drivers on the World Wide Web or another official website due to one or the other reasons. If you prefer third-party drivers for your system, then you are on the page of your interest. Here you will get the link of Xbox 360 driver along with a brief description. 

The system usually not function entirely due to the lack of any required driver or the presence of any outdated driver. Before going any further first check, your system either has or not have the driver. In case of the presence of an outdated driver; update it. But if the driver is absent, then choose any of the described ways to download the Xbox 360 driver. 

1. Download automatically

Set your system setting to download the driver automatically option, which will cause the download of all the missing and necessary drivers automatically. To do so, you need to have software that will help you out in this situation. Driver Easy is the best option for your automatic downloads.

2. Download Manually 

If you opt to download the controller driver manually kindly look around the given below steps:

  • Download the latest version of PC controller driver from the link provided in this article
  • Locate the download file according to your choice 
  • Then open device manager and click the start menu
  • Run the downloaded file to install it
How to download Xbox 360 Controller Driver?

If you want your Xbox controller to function correctly, you must have a correct and most suitable controller driver installed on your PC. Follow the steps below to download and install the Xbox driver.

  • Firstly, download the Xbox controller driver for Windows from the link given right here
  • Secondly, download the windows driver compatible with your system
  • Thirdly plug in the controller with the PC having the controller driver
  • fourthly open the download file followed by properties then enable the compatibility option 
  • Finally, confirm installation with right-double click on the Run button

I hope that you would like to have an Xbox 360 controller driver for windows for a beautiful experience of Xbox controller with PC. We make sure the provision of the latest non-malicious link to our website visitors. So don’t panic, go to the link and hit the download option. And do leave a comment to let us know about our strengths and shortcomings.