Tiny planet blast APK Download V1.1.5 Free For Android

Tiny planet blast APK Download V1.1.5 Free For Android
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  • Android - ANDROID 6.0 and up
  • V1.1.5
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Review About Tiny Planet Blast

Do you Want to make money by playing online games? Then download Tiny planet blast APK today! And unlock planets and blast them while using different weapons. This game is for those who love destroying planets. This app is a complete package for experiencing planet-crushing. Start your day with fun by playing tiny planet and get full of entertainment.

What is Tiny Planet Blast APK?

Tiny planet is one of the playing games that you can play right now. Many games will find that allow you to earn money and this game is one of them where you earn real money and also have fun while sitting on the couch. This game is a fun package for the players for destroying planets with the help of their weapons.

Tiny blast App is an online gaming application for android users. This game allows you to use cannonballs to destroy planets and avail treasures. When you need help for more power to blast other planets, you can upgrade your cannonballs at a time. You can also invite your friends and enjoy the game.

When in the game the story begins and you leave the earth to find other planets. When you find a flying object in space, destroy it at a time and avail the resources. In this way, your score increases, and your profile becomes full of achievements.

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Features of Tiny planet

Unlimited gems: while playing the game you can get more gems to access new weapons and upgrade. Gems are used to get weapons for new levels.

Easy to access: this game is very easy to understand and play. it has a user-friendly interface and an incredibly simple game to play. This interface allows you to move around and blast planets and other objects through which you can upgrade your cannonballs easily.

Varieties of weapons: in this game, you will get to use a wide variety of weapons. That weapon will help you to destroy and blast planets with fun.

Easy controls: you just need to use your finger to tap the cannon and destroy the planet by hitting them.

No ads: tiny planet blast does not have advertisements while playing. Play and enjoy the game without any interference.

Unlock planets: Playing games and making money same time is the perfect combination. Just destroy planets and gain rewards. You will be able to view and smash many planets.

Earn money: in this game, you will be able to make money in different ways. By destroying planets, you gather coins. Daily playing this game will reward you with freebies. By participating in the daily lucky draw, you have the opportunity to earn real money.

Additional features:

  • Unlock skills
  • Upgrade skills
  • Unlock all the items
  • Lucky draw and gift box
  • Enhanced customization option
  • Realistic game physics
  • Differently shaped planets
  • Available purchases
  • Outer space feel
  • No registration required
  • Hidden treasure
  • Free to download
  • Gain knowledge regarding other planets

How to download and install tiny planet blast App?

This app makes sure that its users are secure to use. If you can’t find this app on Google Play Store, you can download it from this site. Follow the instruction given below to download the app.

  1. Go to “source” in Settings. On your device, go to Security and enable the security choice.
  2. Go to the download manager of your phone and click on tiny planet blast Apk as and press the download option.
  3. There will be two choices come on your mobile screen and two techniques to install this app and you ought to just boot it quickly on your Android device.
  4. You will see a notification as an option on your mobile screen. You have to wait for it for a while to come
  5. when all downloads, now click the “Open” choice and open the screen on.


If you are looking for an opportunity where you can earn money while playing and enjoy your free time. Then you need to download tiny planet blast game on your android gadget. The game has unlocked the majority of games item that’s why it’s become more interesting. You feel realistic and engaging while playing the game. Download it now and I bet you will never get bored again, this game will give you fun and excitement.