Teaching Feeling APK Download V3.0.23 Free For Android

Teaching Feeling APK Download V3.0.23 Free For Android
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  • Android - Android 5+
  • V3.0.23
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Are you looking for a game which is more like a romantic movie or novel and you yourself is directing each and every scene of the movie? You must be thinking there aren’t such games which are romantic story based. Yes of course there are such games like Teaching feeling APK are romantic novels or movie types and you can direct and create each and every scene of the story on your own.

We are here with a fun and romantic story-based gaming application named Teaching Feeling App, especially for those who are very much into cute and sweet romantic novels, movies or series. This game is all about the avatar of the game who’s a girl and the player’s mission is to impress her and take care of her by fulfilling all of her needs and providing her all the accessories she’s asking for and taking her out with you.

You’ve to complete each level of the game. Game is about providing her everything she demands and taking good care of her will surely impress her. It’s more like impressing a cute and beautiful girl you love in real life. This game is quite interesting to play. Gradually, when you complete the levels one by one she’ll be impressed.

More about Teaching Feeling Apk

Overall this game revolves around a girl named Sylvie; she’s poor and an orphan. In the game she is shown as a victim, tortured and bitten by her owner. Sylvie has suffered by sexual harassment. Her owner used to bite and harass her. That’s why her whole body is full of scars and wounds and she’s weak and in pain.

After a long period of time she meets another person (the player) and he starts taking care of her.  Now she’s no more mistreated but she can’t trust so easily. She has been tortured a lot by a man and now suddenly a kind guy is treating her well.

It’s not easy for the player to win her trust but this is the game man!. You’ve to make her trust you by treating her beyond her expectations. Sylvie is an intelligent girl and her reading, writing, and communication skills are really impressive. That’s why the protagonist appoints her as his assistant.  You can consider that the protagonist plays an important role in her life.

Key Features of Teaching Feeling Mod APK

  • It’s a free gaming app you can download using data or wifi and play it without spending money.
  • You can download it on any device, android, window pc or I phone.
  • The story is copied from a novel so it gives a real vibe while playing the game.
  • You can do virtual romance.
  • 2D graphics.
  • Zero harm to the device and taking little space.
  • Automatic updates.
  • More like dating a cute girl.
  • Full of curiosity, suspense and entertainment.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • It’s very easy to play.
  • No registration required.

 How to pass the levels of Teaching Feeling?

It’s mentioned above that the more you make Sylvie comfortable and take good care of her the levels will gradually complete. You’ve to improve your relationship with her and make her feel safe around you. Make her trust you in any case this will surely cultivate a beautiful relationship. All you have to do is smart and hard work.

Try to treat her gently, fulfill her needs, feed her well, in the end you’ll be successful in your mission. Sylvie will adore you because of your love and affection towards her. This is how the game works. So you need to be a little romantic and over caring because all she needs is love and care.


If you’re really into romantic stories then this game is exactly made for you. This game is full of love and emotions, which you’ll never find in any other games. Teaching Feeling app will make you realize how much a person needs love, care, and support. Go and tap the download button to play the game and explore more stories about romance.