Nokia USB Driver Download V1.4.0 Free For Windows

Nokia USB Driver Download V1.4.0 Free For Windows
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Nokia USB Driver 

Do you have a Nokia Android Smartphone??? And you are facing difficulty while connecting it with your laptop or PC desktop. So you are on the right web page buddies. Nokia USB Driver for windows enables Nokia android devices to easily and safely connect with PC or laptop. It is a small software package. Besides, it fixes all the issues regarding connecting a Nokia smartphone or tablet with a PC or laptop.

Innovations and inventions have changed the living standards of people. For instance, take a smartphone as an example. You will hardly find an individual without a smartphone. Everyone is using a smartphone for their daily errands. There was a time when people consider the mobile phone a luxury. But, nowadays it becomes a fundamental need of human beings.

Smartphone has revolutionized the globe in recent years. Above all, the smartphone industry produces very heavy revenue worldwide. Nokia phones were once kings of the mobile phone industry but their popularity decreased after the introduction of smartphones. However, they made a comeback after so many years with Nokia Android phones.

Main Highlights of USB Drivers

The utilization of USB drivers isn’t considered as something fundamental by the vast majority of the individuals. But it is safe to use when we connect cell phones with PCs or laptops. In other words, users can avoid undesired results when they use USB drivers. Moreover, Nokia USB Driver guarantees stabilized data transfer across USB cable. Most importantly, it is free software it means that it is free of cost. Apart from it, this software allows firmware updates. It also allows the user to use the Nokia PC Suite. Furthermore, it grants access to synchronize contacts. Nokia USB Driver only works properly with the most modern or latest Nokia smartphones.

How to Install Nokia USD Driver on Windows

Generally, there are two methods to install the Nokia USB Driver i.e. Exe file method and Driver file (manual) method.

  1. Exe file method

First, download the Exe file. Then, extract the zip file on your PC or laptop. After that, open the Exe file & run it. Follow the instruction that appears on the computer screen finally, when the installation is complete click the finish button.

  1. Driver file method

Firstly, download and extract the zip file on the computer. After that, connect you connect your Nokia smartphone with the computer using a USB cable. Then click on the START button and open the cascading menu and select Manage. Then open the Manage Device option. As you open it you will see your phone name or number with a yellow triangle on its right side. It shows that your device is not installed correctly on the computer. Now, click on the yellow triangle and open the update driver software option. After that, follow the instruction that is displayed on the computer screen. When the software update process completes hit the finish button.

Pros and Cons of the Nokia driver

Firstly, the driver is quick and easy to install on the computer. Secondly, it is compatible with all Nokia cables. Last but not the least; it is essential for Nokia PC Suite and Ovi Suite. On the other hand, the documentation of the software is downloaded separately.

I hope this article helped you to download, install and update to the latest version of Nokia USB driver for your device. If you want to know about any other USB Driver please mention in the comment box below. Don’t forget to rate the article and driver. Also, share it with your family and friends