MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver

MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver
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You know that MediaTek devices are used all over the world. At the same time, laptops and computers are also used in our daily lives. To connect drivers are available to connect MediaTek devices to a computer. In this article, you will discuss MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver, its features, and the download and install process.

MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver

This driver is one of the most famous drivers used to connect the MediaTek chipset running devices with Android devices. To download this driver, you need technical support and minds for flashing MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver as it is not that easy, but in this article, you will guide you step by step so that you will be able to download and install the driver easily.

MTK Driver

There are different steps and processes for different versions of Windows to download drivers related to MTK. For instance, on Windows 8 or later Windows versions, 64-bit Windows, you will have to disable Digital Driver Signature Enforcement before installation.

On the other hand, on Windows XP, Vista (32-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit), you need to focus on MTK VCOM Drivers installation rather than on prerequisites. Operating Systems accept unsigned driver installation packages.

Besides, you need to install Digitally Signed Drivers on 64-bit Windows editions as they don’t accept unsigned drivers.

MTK USB Drivers

Android MediaTek MTK USB Drivers are best to be installed in the MediaTek Chipset devices. You need to install MTK USB Drivers if you’re using a smartphone with a MediaTek chipset. These drivers are designed for MediaTek Chipset devices.

MTK USB Drivers allow easy installation of firmware files on MediaTek devices. These drivers are compatible with almost every version of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, 8, etc. 

MT65xx Preloader VCOM

The MT65xx Preloader VCOM is used to install a ROM into a smartphone. It is also used if you are using a recovery system to update the current OS by the installation of a preloaded/downloaded file of MT65xx Preloader VCOM. 

Preloader VCOM USB Driver

 The Preloader discussed in the above section is connected to the PC with the help of a driver only. Preloader VCOM USB Driver is used for the connection & communications between the system and the MediaTek Android device through a USB connection or Data cable.

Preloader VCOM USB Driver helps PC recognize the Preloader while flashing a firmware; in this process, SP Flash Tool plays a significant role.

Installing VCOM USB Driver

Installing VCOM USB Driver & Flashing is a complex process; SP Flash Tool plays a critical role in installing VCOM USB Driver into your PC. Latest MediaTek drivers are compulsory to install MTK USB Drivers in the system.

MediaTek MT65xx USB Drivers are helpful in flashing different files into MediaTek Chipset Cellphone, PC could gain root access through dashing of Custom ROMs through various tools, and SP Flash Tool is again helpful to get root access. 

SP Flash Tool becomes necessary to transfer data completely into connected devices.

In other words, VCOM Drivers are essential to be installed on your computer to diagnose and utilize android devices properly.

Installing MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver

  •  First of all, download the setup file for the driver from any internet source and locate the file on your PC.
  • On your PC, search for Control Panel and open it. After that, click on the Device Manager. Now, you need to open the PC by clicking on the name of the PC. You will see an option of Action; click on that option. After that, click on the option of Legacy Hardware. 
  • Click Next on the Hardware Installation wizard.
  • Click Install the hardware that I manually select from a list & Press Next.
  • Show All Devices in the list and then click Next.
  • Select the desired device driver and click on Have Disk.
  • Click Next to start the driver’s installation, click on Finish once the download is completed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM?

The primary purpose of MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM is recognizing the Preloader for Flashing firmware through SP Flash Tool. MT65xx Preloader helps your computer to detect smartphones. The smartphone here refers to the MedTek-powered android devices. These devices need these drivers to connect with the PC via USB cable.

What is MTK VCOM Driver?

MTK VCOM Driver is used to detect the smartphone with a PC. MediaTek devices cannot be appropriately detected on laptops and computers without this driver. For proper communication and connection of the devices with a laptop, this device is used. 

How do I manually install MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB DRIVER?

It is a bit tricky to download the driver but follow the below steps to install the driver on your PC smoothly.
Download the setup file of the driver on your PC
On your PC, search for Control Panel and open it. Click on Device Manager and open PC by clicking on PC name. Then click on the option of Action. Click Add Legacy Hardware
Click Next on the Hardware Installation wizard.
Install the hardware that I manually select from a list & Press Next.
Click Show All Devices in the list and then click Next.
Select the desired device driver and click on Have Disk.
Click Next to start the installation of MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers.

How do I connect my MTK device to My Computer?

Install MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers to connect your MTK device to My Computer. Keep in mind that MTL devices do not connect to the PC without the mentioned drivers, so for the proper connection and communication of the device on your PC, install the driver. 

Why is MT65xx Preloader VCOM Driver not working?

There can be many reasons for your driver not to work on the PC. The most common reason is the compatibility of the drivers with the operating system of the PC. In that case, try searching for the right driver that will be compatible with your computer and install it from any internet source. After that, try using the driver again. Before installing a new driver, do not forget to uninstall the previous one from your PC.


MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB is a device used to connect MediaTek android devices with computers and laptops. The devices that are powered by MediaTek do not communicate with PC easily, and there is a need for a driver to connect the devices properly.

This driver is named MediaTek MT65xx Preloader VCOM USB Driver. It is essential to install the driver in your PC to connect the android effectively with PC and laptops using a UAB cable.