Gadget Serial Driver (Latest V2.4) Free Download

Gadget Serial Driver (Latest V2.4) Free Download
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Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today’s article is related to gadget Driver v2.4. Gadget Serial Driver is an updating software tool. Among 27 million updating drivers, the gadget driver is one of them whose enhanced features are needed in today’s developing technology.

Many utilities are being used by users worldwide because they wanted their system up to date and efficient. In this article, you will find an easy download and installation guide so that you can easily download and install the gadget driver v2.4 without any problem.

Gadget Serial Driver Review

Gadget serial driver is tested many times. It provides the best result in every application; the publication highly recommends it. It is a utility through which you can download updates for every driver working on your computer. Different versions of Windows like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows Vista are the supporting operating system for the gadget series driver. 

Gadget Serial Driver for windows

Gadget Serial V2.4 Driver Features

It contains many features, and it is worth mentioning in this article that you can easily update all your drivers by a single click. It is the best utility available in the market that works for all Windows and operating systems. Following are the list of drivers that are automatically downloaded by a single click:

  • Sound and audio driver present on your computer.
  • It will automatically update your graphics and video adaptor.
  • It will enhance your monitor or laptop performance and graphics with the best user interface experience.
  • It is package, your printer, scanner, disk drivers update is also included. 

Download Gadget Serial Driver

To download the gadget serial driver, you have to click on the download option at the end of the article. Download links are given for both of the operating systems, either it is 32-bit or 64-bit. The download file does not contain any virus or any download charges. It is free that will best suit your computer system or commercial use.

How I can install a gadget serial driver on my laptop?

To install a gadget driver on your laptop, you have to follow some steps which are held necessary for the installation. These steps are as follow:

  • Download the gadget serial driver from the download link provided at the end of the article.
  • Open device manager so that you can proceed with your installation process.
  • Next, you have to find the option which is named “action”. Under this option, you will find the “Add legacy hardware” option. Click on it.
  • After clicking, your screen will appear in a dialogue box.
  • Press the next option.
  • After pressing the next option, you will have to click on the “show all devices option”.
  • Select the option where you want to extract the file and click next.
  • Your file will be extracted in the selected location and open the .exe file.
  • The setup file will automatically install the driver on its own. You don’t have to give any further instructions.


Can I use the serial driver on my android device?

Yes! You can download and install the gadget. It is free and safe for Android device usage, which includes your android mobile phone. Furthermore, it is also a safer tool for your respective laptops and other peripherical and connected devices. 

How to use a gadget serial driver on USB port devices?

There are many ways to use the serial driver on your USB devices, but we will guide you on the simplest way to deal with it. After downloading the file, your windows must detect the download file, and it must ask you for the driver.

Search the file name “Linux-Cdc-ACM.inf”. for windows 7 or XP, when any serial device is plugged in, it starts showing the dialogue box which says a new device has been detected. Install and connect to that device. 

How I can set up the gadget serial driver manually on my window XP?

To set a serial driver manually on your Windows XP, you have to go to the control panel. Find the system option and click on hardware. After clicking the hardware option, it will show you more options. Expand the option named Port (LPT and COM). Under this option, you will see the gadget serial option. There you can easily set up your driver files.

My serial driver is not working; what should I do?

Many things can be a reason to your problem, for example, sometimes if your install gadget driver manually you will face many issue and error after some time. Another reason might be the connection of any hardware or USB which contains the virus.
However, it will cause frequent shutdowns and do not recover your files.
These are some of the issues that are reported when the gadget serial driver is not fully optimized. You have to download the file repeatedly and install it after debugging your entire system so that no further issues can be seen. 

Which windows version is supported by gadget serial driver?

The latest version of the gadget driver supports multiple windows versions. The list is given below:
#_Windows 7, 32bit and 64bit.
#_Windows 10, 32 bits and 64 bits.
#_Windows 8, 32 bits and 64 bits.
#_Windows 10 loT, 32 bits.
#_Windows Vista 64 bits starter.
#_Windows 10, team 32 bit.
#_Windows 7, professional.
And many more versions of windows that are commonly used. 

Which laptop model support gadget serial driver v2.4?

Gadget driver supports many laptop models like the laptop made by famous manufacturers: Lenovo, Sony, Packard Bell, HP, Panasonic, PNY, and Compaq. These are the famous laptop brands that fully support all types of drivers in which gadget serial drivers are also included.