FT232R USB UART Driver Download For Windows

FT232R USB UART Driver Download For Windows
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The ft232r USB UART is a device that is used with different devices. It is frequently used with personal computers. This device is used for asynchronous serial communication. To connect the device with your PC, you need to Download FT232R USB UART Driver. You will find details on how to download and install the ft232r driver.

What is the FT232R USB UART Driver?

To connect FT232R USB Uart with windows, you need to install an ft232r driver. The driver converts your commands into the language, which is readable in FT232R USB UART. Your device will not work by directly connecting it to the PC. In technical terms, both the computer and the device code or reads different languages.

When connecting the UART to your device, your PC needs software to make the commands readable. FT232R USB UART driver is the software that helps the PC to read and transfer your commands to the Uart. The driver also converts the results of the language of the Uart device-readable at your Windows OS.

Features of FT232R Driver

  • Comparing to its predecessors, FT232R adds two new tasks. The addition of the two new functions makes it a 3 in 1 chip for many applications. This driver supports both new functions.  
  • It uses only a single chip for synchronization of data during the transfer interface
  • Complete USB protocol is managed in one chip. Many devices need firmware programming. This FT232R does not require and specific firmware programming.
  • Almost all range of the USB is compatible with the device, and even USB2.0 is compatible.
  • The rate of data transfer is from 300 baud to 3 Mbaud.
  • FT232 driver will make project USB compatible with controller
  • The driver also connects the micro-controller to the personal computer to the modem through a USB connection.

How Download the FT232R UART Driver?

It is difficult to download the FT232R USB UART drivers, but you can do it easily by following the below steps.

Step 1:

First, you have to download the setup of Uart Driver. The setup of the driver will be attached to this article. You can easily get the file from this page. After downloading, locate the file and find the driver file. Once you have found the file, extract the file.

Step 2:

You will not be able to install or download the driver file if you haven’t deleted the wrong files or drivers you have downloaded earlier. For that purpose, go to the control panel and uninstall any file you have attempted to install on the FT232R USB UART driver.

Step 3:

Now disconnect the USB from your PC and reconnect it. You will see a yellow flag appearing o your screen. It is FT232R; right-click the flag and go to update driver software.

Step 4:

Now, find the extracted file you downloaded at the start. And direction it in the” update driver software” option.

Step 5:

Now your PC has started installing the driver. Click “Finish” once it is complete.

How to install Ft232r USB UART

After installation, the yellow flag will change its name to USB Serial Port.

  1. Once the name of the flag is changed after the installation of the driver. Right-click on the yellow again. And select the same option as mentioned above, “Update Driver Software.”
  2. The directory for the installation is the same. Direct it to the drivers you have just installed.
  3. The serial port will then start installing the Uart driver. Once the installation is complete, there will be no yellow flag.

FAQS About USB UART Driver

What is USB to UART?

It is a bridge controller. Its basic function is to provide a USB connection to devices that use the UART interface. It is a device that includes a full-speed controller of USB 2.0. It also contains a Voltage regulator and EEPROM in an SSOP Package with 28-pin. This device also acts as a serial port to your PC and sends serial data over wires.

What is a UART Driver?

UART stands for Universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter. You can guess from the name that UART is a computer hardware device that is used to configure asynchronous communication, and it also configures the transmission speed of the data.

What is the difference between RS232 and UART?

RS232 is mostly used for defining physical signal levels. The sole function of RS232 is related to hardware and electronics, which are required for serial connectivity. On the other hand, UART is a connection and communication protocol. UART’s function and application are in programming and logic, and it is nowhere connected to electronics.

What is the difference between USB and RS232?

USB is a general term, and you all might know a lot about it already. USB is a bus system, and it allows more than one peripheral to connect with a PC through one USB port. RS232 is different from it as it is a definition for derail connections on a 1:1 base. It can be accessed by an application or directly. It can also be accessed through device drivers in Windows OS.

Which is faster, UART or SPI?

SPI is said and proved to be faster than UART. Mostly it is said that SPI solutions can be three times faster than UART.

Is I2C a UART?

Most people get confused between these two. I2c is also a protocol of communication, just like UART. The difference between these two is simple. I2C is not used for communication of P-device., but these are used with sensors and modules. I2c is a simple two-directional and two-wire synchronous. It only needs two wires to transfer information between the connected device and the bus.

What is the difference between i2c and UART?

Although both devices are described above, for more clarification, UART is used for a point-to-point connection. One of the major differences between these two is UART is used for long-distance transmission, while I2C cannot be used that way.


FT232R USB UART is a device for asynchronous serial communication. To connect the device with your personal computer, you need to install FT232R USB UART Driver. This driver helps in connecting the device to the pc. It converts the data of the Uart device into the language, which is readable by the computer. It also converts the data and commands by a computer in the language, which is readable by the FT232 USB Device.