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Ethernet Controller Driver

An Ethernet controller is hardware within a computer that allows it to communicate with wired networking technology. It’s commonly either a circuit board called an Ethernet card or a part of the computer’s motherboard. In addition, it includes a connection to the rest of the computer. Some microchips to handle Ethernet communication and an Ethernet port where an Ethernet cable can be plugged. Get it free Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver from here for your windows.

Most hardware devices need a driver that has to be installed onto the computer so the device can properly function. An Ethernet controller, cannot function without its driver installed on the computer. It usually comes with a computer code disc that you simply got to install. An Ethernet controller also known as a network adapter permits the PC to communicate with a network. If you somehow lost the driver disc. You can still obtain another copy of your Ethernet driver from its manufacturer’s website or other download websites like this one.

Realtek Ethernet driver plays a vital role in your PC or computer. This type of computer driver. Such as the Realtek Network Controller driver is very important for any system unit because it allows the computer to connect to a network.

How does it work?

Ethernet is a standardized technology for wireless networking. It’s most common uses are in computer networking technologies in offices, schools, and similar environments. Some folks also use Ethernet technology at home, particularly since it may be quicker and a lot more reliable than Wi-Fi connections, which might be at risk of interference in some environments.

Like most alternative modern networking technology, Ethernet divides information into discrete units. That in its standards usually called frames. These frames embody information about which computer needs to receive the data. Ethernet is used within the home or office networks. But, other technologies are normally used to communicate past your internet modem with the rest of the globe. For example, if you have internet service from your local cable company, your modem may translate data into the cable industry standard called DOCSIS. Install these drives in the system unit for the best performance.

What is Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver

The Ethernet controller in your PC should be connected to your cable with an Ethernet cable. They resemble traditional landline phone cords. You will be able to get them online or at any electronics and hardware stores or often get them from your internet service provider.

For the controller to work, you normally need to have a software called an Ethernet chipset driver installed on your computer. This lets the computer communicate with electronic circuitry on the Ethernet card. The driver software may come with the card, or you may be able to install it from the card manufacturer’s website. In some cases, it may come preinstalled on your computer, especially if the card also came with the computer.

If you want to install a new Ethernet controller or Realtek network driver for your computer. Make sure it’s compatible with a card slot on your computer and that a driver is available for your operating system. Besides, if you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, consider taking your computer to an expert for help. If you install the card incorrectly, you might damage the card or your computer.

Knowing Version of the Ethernet Controller

Step 1

Click on “Start” and then find “Control Panel”. Click on “Performance and Maintenance” and then “System”. If you are within the “Classical View,” simply click on “System.”

Step 2

Select the “Hardware” tab at the upper portion of the window, and then click on “Device Manager”. A simpler way to load the “Device Manager” is to click the “Start” menu in your desktop, load the “Run” command and type “devmgmt.MSC” (without quotes).

Step 3

Now, expand “Ethernet Controller” or “Network Adapter” by right-clicking on the plus sign next to it. After that, right-click on the device and then choose “Properties.” Underneath the “Details” tab, then note the model and version of the Ethernet controller.

Download Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver

Download Ethernet Controller driver on your computer so that you don’t feel any difficulty during an internet connection. If you face any problem during the installation please let us know. If you come here it means that you are also one of them who are facing the same kind of issues. Here we are providing a simple and very easy solution for you. Just download Realtek Ethernet driver free from here and install it on your system and see the result. Again you face any issue then mention your issue in the comments section of this post. Share your thoughts regarding the article in the comment section below. Remember to share it with your loved ones.

Additional Information

File Format:     Update Package for Microsoft® Windows®

Category:        Network Adapter driver

Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP

License:           Free

Updated:         December 4, 2019

File Size:         21MB

Version:          10.3.723.2015

Download:       For Windows 32bits

Size:               17MB

Version:          10.3.723.2015

Download:       For Windows 64Bits

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