Download Conexant Audio Driver V8.66.89.51 Free For Windows

Download Conexant Audio Driver V8.66.89.51 Free For Windows
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Choose PCs and Laptops that have quality sounds. A quality sound means a quality device; if not, then it is useless. There are different ways to improve the sound quality of your PCs and laptops. You may hear of the software named Conexant Audio Driver, which enhances your device’s sound operating via Windows OS.

Conexant Audio Driver:

Conexant Audio Driver is a software program that instructs the operating system. It helps to process the sound input and output to the speakers and microphones of your computer. This software is used for the quality sound of the devices. For better sound quality, it is essential to keep update on Conexant HD Audio Driver. It has multiple features that can enhance your sound properties.

Conexant HD Audio Driver Features:

Conexant HD Audio Driver
  • Connect Computer to Sound Card 

The driver helps to increase the high quality of PCs by connecting them to the sound card. Moreover, it translates the language of drive to the language of a computer. It will make it easy for the windows to connect with it.

  • Improve Sound Quality 

For better sound quality, it is essential to update you driver time and again because an updated version of the driver will improve the high quality of sound to the computer.

  • Available for many Windows OS

The driver is available for all types of window OS. It is not specific for any particular window. You can download the driver for 32-bits as well as 64-bits of windows as well.

  • Different Versions Available 

The drive has different types of versions that are available in the market. The version that you need depends on the sound card that is installed on your PC. The different Driver versions are Conexant HD audio driver, Conexant ISST audio driver, and Conexant Smart Audio HD.

Conexant Driver Download for Windows:

First, you should know about the properties of your computer. Either your Pcs is of 32-bit or 64-bit. Based on the Windows OS you have on your computer, you can easily download the Conexant Audio driver. After that, go to Google and find a relevant source from where you can download the driver. Once you have found the proper driver according to your PC’s property, click on the download option and wait until the drive is downloaded. Then, go to the download, where you will found a folder with your driver.

Installation Process for the Driver 

Once the download is complete, you have to install it on your PCs with the following methods. From the start, search for the device manager. Then, select the options sound, video game, and game controller. Here you will see the name of the driver where you have to choose its properties. There you will find an option of driver details where you can install it.

Next, run the installation setup and follow the other steps. At last, you will be done with the installation there; you will find an option of finish installation that means your installation is complete. After that, you can operate the driver on you PCs and enjoy the high sound quality.

Update Process for the Driver:

There are different methods to update the audio driver on your PCs. The first method updates it using window update, and the second method is to update audio drivers using Device Manager. This article will tell you how to update you with an audio driver using Windows updates.

Update it by using window updates. (For window 7 and window 10)

  • Window updates on window 7

Click on the start menu and go to the control panel. Click on system security and then select window updates. After that, choose the updated links and wait for them. 

Now look for audio drivers in the main menu or the optional updates. Then click on the install button here you will update the driver.

  • Window updates on window 10

Updating the driver on window 10 is the easiest one. You have to follow simple steps. First, click on the start button and then go for setting options. Next, click on the system security there, and you will find the update option of the audio driver, which you can install.

FAQs About Conexant Audio:

What is Conexant Audio?

Conexant Audio is also known as Conexant HD Audio. It is a software developed by Conexit Inc. It helps in improving the quality of the sound system on your PCs and laptops. It has multiple versions and can operate in different Windows OS.

Where do I find Conexant Audio Drivers?

There are multiple methods of finding Conexant Audio drivers. You can find it on the manufacturer’s website, updates it by using window update, and another technique is to update audio drivers using Device Manager.

Why should I upgrade my Conexant Audio Card?

For better high quality of sound, it is essential to update your driver time and again. Or in case the sound system is low or poor, that gives the signals that you have to update your driver. So for a better experience of sound, you need to upgrade the driver.

Is Conexant Smart Audio HD good?

Yes, it is the more powerful tool you can use to increase your sound quality. This software can solve all your problems related to a flawed sound system. It is far better than other tools.

Can I remove Conexant HD audio?

You can uninstall the driver from your computer. Go to the control panel and remove the driver.

How do I turn off Conexant Smart Audio HD?

Go to the taskbar and right-click on it, and select task manager. Choose there the startup tab shown in the shot directly below. You will find Conexant smart audio HD listed on the startup tab press the disable button and restart your window.


This article is about Conexant Audio Driver. I delivered all the necessary information about the driver. In this article, I briefly discussed its main features, the download and installation process, and the different versions of the driver that you can install according to the properties of your computer. This driver is a powerful tool to increase the quality of your sound. It can also change the language of the sound card to the computer; this makes it easy to operate.