CISCO USB Console Driver Download Free For Windows 10

CISCO USB Console Driver Download Free For Windows 10
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CISCO USB Console Driver

Since, the changes in the video gaming era in the world, new technologies are emerging. Have you ever thought about when the first-ever video game was introduced? The first video games appeared in the 1960s.  Back then, people play them on massive computers connected to vector displays, and analog televisions. But, with the passage of time more ways of playing video games introduced which were more realistic and fun. In the development era, the introduction of video game consoles was a huge success in the world of video games. Today we will introduce you to such a video game console. This article will discuss the Cisco USB Console Driver.

Video Game Console

A digital game console is a PC device that outputs a video signal or visual image to show a video game that one or more individuals can play. The video game console needs a connection with your PC. For an instant, you must have connected your phones using cables with your computer. In the same vein, a console connects through a cable, but it needs a driver for its working. There are many drivers available to connect the console with a PC. Among all Cisco USB Console Driver is one of the best drivers. If you are using the console to play games then, it is perfect for your windows.

About CISCO USB Console Driver

Cisco is basically an IT sector company and is a leader in IT. It helps its customers to connect and communicate. Besides, Cisco provides a large range of products and services which help people in connecting with each other and efficient networking. Further, you will find most of their products on their own websites, but it has the most in-depth websites. You have to search a lot to find the particular software. In addition, why to roam around when you can download the soft in just one click without even searching for it. By one click I mean, you can find the link for the download of the cisco USB driver at the end of this article.

How to Download CISCO USB Console Driver

To begin, log in using a ‘’ account. If you do not have an account you need to register yourself with the website of

After that, search for the file name and click on the download button which will appear on the right of the file, while agreeing with the license agreements. Now, click on Save As button from the download options screen. Then, save it and located it on your PC. The file will be in zip format. Now extract the downloaded content from the zip file. In the extracted files you will find a setup option for the driver.

Here, you need to double click on the setup option and a confirmation bar will appear from the window. By clicking Yes on the window administrator confirmation the install will start. In many computers, it takes a bit too long to install the driver. But don’t worry, once the install is complete click on the finish button.

Setup Process

Now go to the device manager and you will find the newly installed software. Basically, it has two constituents: the Cisco Bus enumerator and the Cisco USB to Serial adapter. When you expand the Ports hardware class displays a new Cisco Serial port. You need to install Putty. It will help you open a connection with your Cisco equipment. As Putty will open a connection a black screen is staring back at you. Simply hit the Enter key and you’ll see a prompt from the device.

Now the driver is ready when you are, but if you connect the USB cable to a piece of equipment and your terminal emulator doesn’t work. Then, check Device Manager to verify the Cisco Serial Port isn’t using a different COM port. If it is, merely modify the terminal emulator to use the fresh setting. Moreover, when you have followed the steps then keep in mind there is no issue with the driver. There must be an issue on any particular set of the system, for example, you can change the COM port as mentioned above.

Furthermore, if you are still having any problem with installing or updating the driver please let us know in the comment section below. Also, share this article with your loved on. For more visit on