AudioBox USB Driver Download For Windows & Mac 10,8

AudioBox USB Driver Download For Windows & Mac 10,8
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Welcome back, guys, to another amazing driver to download. If you are the latest version of the AudioBox USB Driver, then you have come to the right place. This article will find you the best, advanced, and latest version of the PreSonus AudioBox USB driver to download.

It will provide you the best features that you are waiting for. In this article, we will tell you about the features, specifications as well as installation process on different Windows so that you can easily find what you looked for.

AudioBox USB Driver For Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP

AudioBox USB Driver for windows is an amazing software which is released by PreSonus. It well complements that audio interface 2×2. As you know, it is the latest version, which means it will provide multiple features ever than before.

Therefore, the first and best feature it will offer you is that it supports the Mac operating system devices without any need for Mac drivers. It is portable, fully functional with any sort of device. It also includes 2 combo inputs for recording and audio with the TRS output feature.  

Features Of PreSonus AudioBox USB Driver

With every latest technology, you always needed a well-suited software or driver. For this purpose, the Presonus Audiobox USB driver provides you the latest version of PerSonus Universal Control v3.4.0.61835 driver for your device. The features that you will enjoy are enlisted below:

  • First of all, we provided the free software without charging a single amount from you.
  • It will work perfectly fine with the Mac OS without any need to install any Mac driver.
  • It is portable, fully functional with any sort of device. 
  • offers you the bus power as well as an audio-recording feature, including TRS output and microphone input.
  • Work with all versions of windows.
  • It is also manufactured for all Mac devices.
  • Furthermore, it is free of any virus, and the process is simple and easy. 
  • The best automatic installation process. 
  • It is always in service for the Soft Famous servers. 

AudioBox USB Driver Download 

Now, you can download the Audio Box USB Driver in 64-bits. As it was initially can only be downloaded in 32 bits. The latest and advanced features of the AudioBox USB 96 driver are made very thing possible for all Windows versions.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have the latest version of windows. If you are still using Windows 7 or 8, you can download the driver without thinking a second word. For the download, head towards the download section provided at the end of the article. 


How to install the AudioBOx USB Driver?

Once you have downloaded the file, you will find out that the downloaded file is the zip file depending on your operating system requirement. Extract that file whatever you like. However, it is highly recommended to extract the file in the default location so that you don’t have to face any problem in locating your file. Just extract the file and start the installation process. It will run automatically.

How can I register the AudioBox Driver on windows 10?

To install AudioBox on windows 10, you have to register first. Once you are done with your registration process, you can create your PreSonus account. After that, register your desired product from the option given and find all your registered product under the My products list.

 How can I uninstall the preSonus AudioBox driver from windows 7?

Suppose you are facing any issues with the Audio Box USB driver’s operation on windows and wanted to uninstall the software. You can by following some major steps.
Go to the start option – my computers – system drive – C drive – open program files -find the PreSonus folder and open-delete all the entries-there you can uninstall the file, named as uninstall.exe – run that file and finish the process. 
it is recommended that you reinstall the AudioBox driver due to the following reasons: 
1: Use your device with an extension cable and USB hub.
2: Once you install the driver, it changes your software, so it is necessary to have the reinstallation process done after the uninstallation. 
3: It will plug your device into the front panel of your PC or laptop. 

How to delete the Prefetch data of the AudioBox USB driver?

To delete the Prefetch data, follow these steps. Start option > my computers > C driver > windows folder > Prefetch folder >and delete it. It is effortless as we explain it to you. So follow these 3 or 4 steps, and you will get rid of these Prefetch data of the AudioBox driver from your system.

Why is AudioBox is not working?

If you face any issues regarding the operations of AudioBox, just restart your system. If this does not work for you, you have to connect your AudioBox through the USB hub. Some devices do not support high voltage powered interfaces, so they face such types of issues.

Summing up

To conclude, today’s article narrates the features of the most demanding application software that is AudioBox USB driver for windows. As it is merely manufactured for windows, so it functions for all the windows versions. However, in the latest versions, the manufactures added many multiple features.

Now record with 2 combo inputs for recording and audio with the TRS output feature. It also complements that audio interface 2×2. It also offers you the bus power and an audio-recording feature, including TRS output and microphone input.

Some devices still face issues after the installation process. Suppose you face any restart your device or reinstall the driver. But if still, your issues do not come to an end. Please write to us to take action and take all your worries in a single go.