Appizia 2 APP APK V2.22.11.9 Free Download

Appizia 2 APP APK V2.22.11.9 Free Download
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Introduction about Appizia 2 App:

Welcome to another interesting article. Today, we are going to discuss an app that is in collaboration with WhatsApp to give you extra beneficial features that will remove the barriers to the connection between you and your loved ones. We are talking about Appizia 2 APK. It is an app that provides an unlimited communication experience on a mobile device.

This app is a modified and advanced version of a calling and messaging app that allows its users to send private messages to their friends and family. You can also make video calls, make voice calls, receive and send files and make collaboration with your family and friends.

The great features include one-to-one group chat, sharing multimedia, recordingaudio and much more experience. All you need is a cellular or wifi connection. The app is free of cost. With some simple credentials, you can log in to your account.

Appizia 2 APK Review:

It is an interesting app to communicate with the people you want for. With this app, distance does not matter how far you are from your loved ones you can always stay in touch and get connected. The app is very easy and simple to use.

It is compatible with both Android and ios devices and with a simple registration procedure and good internet connection, you will get this app on your device. The app needs root permission to work on your device accurately and properly.

This app will provide you with a proper guideline to use. When your first open the app, you will be briefed about how to use the app and its features. During the registration process, simple credentials will be given to you to operate the app on your phone.

You are free to customize the setting as per your preference. You will share your favorite photos and videos with your family and friends, make phone calls and record audio, group chatting with friends, group and one to one calls All the features are available for you without any cost.

For further details, let’s discover its features.

Features of Appizia 2

It contains great features which are easy to use.

Send and receive photos and videos:

With this app, you can send multimedia, send various photos and videos to your friends and family.

Make Audio calls:

You can make audio calls with your required people and all you need is just internet access.

Video calls:

You are also able to make video calls. Either it is with one person or in a group without any difficulty.

Broadcast messages:

This amazing app will allow its users to send broadcast messages to multiple contacts at the same time.

Upload stories:

You can upload your status on this app and allow your contacts to view it. You can also customize your setting by allowing only a few people to watch your stories.

Get free stickers:

You will also get free funny stickers that you can send to your friends in single or group chats.

Send files:

Send files either in large or small size. You can send any file to the people around the globe.

Compatible with all devices:

This app is compatible with ios, android and Windows devices so you can easily use it on any device without any worry.

Active offline mode:

If you are offline then you can still send messages. In short, the messages will still deliver to the person even if you are offline.

Backup your chat and data:

You will get back your data from drop box and Google drive. You can backup your conversation as well.

Supports multi languages:

Appizia supports multi languages so that it can easily accessible to all its users.

Chats are end to end encrypted:

It means your chat privacy is fully secured.

User friendly interface:

Great combination of colour theme makes it more attractive and useful. The interface is too simple and easy to understand for its users.

FAQs of Appizia2 App:

Is it free to download Appizia 2 Apk?

Yes, it is free of cost for all its Android and ios users.

What is Appizia2?

The app provides a collaboration experience and ultimate communication on your smartphone.

Is it safe to download Appizia 2 on your device?

Yes, it is safe and secure to download the app on your device also the downloading procedure is very simple you can click on the download button which is given on this page and get the apk file on your device. The 2nd step is to install the app. For this, click on the downloaded apk file and get the app on your mobile phone.


Appizia 2 is the best mod version and contains many features. It is in collaboration with WhatsApp to provide extra features to its users. With the help of this app, now you can make phone calls either with one person or a group of people the same case as video calls. You can also record the audio and send it to your family and friends.

This app will allow you to share files and send multimedia. You can also upload your stories and make them visible to your contacts. There are customization options available for you so that you can change the setting according to your choice. It is free to download and in access to everyone. Get this amazing app free of cost and get its amazing benefits.